"Music is LIFE...

That's why our hearts have BEATS"

-Cecily Morgan



//  Origin:  BROOKLYN, NY 
//  Birthday: April 13
// Graduate: North Carolina A&T 13'
// Degree: Broadcast Production
//  Years Spent DJ'ing: 2013- Present
//  Genres:  Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Soca, House, Pop, Latin, Country, etc.
//  Social Media: @ForeverAmbiG
//  Website:  www.ForeverAmbiG.com


//  Favorite Color:  Orange 
//  Favorite Song: "Return of the Mac" - Marc Morrison
//  Favorite Food: French Fries & Steak (Medium Well) 
//  Favorite Movie: The Notebook
//  Favorite Hobby: Listening to Music
//  Favorite Read: "MY VOICE" by Angie Martinez
//  Favorite Sport: Basketball
//  Favorite Collectors: SNEAKERS! 


Ambi G. is the CEO/Founder of "Forever Ambi G. Entertainment." A brand designed combining her talents as a DJ, Radio Personality, and TV Host.  Ambi's ability to infuse her talents creatively has imploded into something beyond her wildest dreams.  Being a multi-talented entrepreneur has led her to incorporating the fusion of personality, spirit, and soul. Pridefully entertaining crowds of all sizes throughout the east coast, Ambi has discovered her destiny.  


As a proud Brooklyn native and a music lover, Ambi discovered her passion for hip hop at a very early age. As the first generation of college students in her family, Ambi graduated from North Carolina A&T with a bachelors degree in broadcast production.  Acknowledging the importance of education in her community, Ambi served four years as an educator and mentor to middle school students, teaching media communications and the art of music.

Honored to have worked amongst and alongside of some of her idols like Oprah Winfrey, Angie Martinez, Terrance Jenkins and Will Packer, Ambi G. is ready to continues exploring new professional experiences and opportunities. This is her life long quest to perfect her craft, Ambi G. will evolve with time! 

Now expanding into Season 4, "AMBI TRACKZ" web series is returning with some of the hottest interviews from all the artist you love.  Be sure to catch all the latest updates from "Forever Ambi G. Film Productions" featuring all current shows, archive photographs, classic interviews, and behind the scenes footage. ​ And Don't Forget to Book DJ AMBI G. to make your next event one to remember!