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"Music is LIFE...

That's why our hearts have BEATS"

-Cecily Morgan

//  Origin:  BROOKLYN, NY 
//  Birthday: April 13

// Graduate of: North Carolina A&T 13'

// Degree: Broadcast Production
//  Years Spent DJ'ing: 2013- Present

//  Social Media: @ForeverAmbiG
//  Favorite Color:  Orange 
//  Favorite Song: "Return of the Mac" - Marc Morrison
//  Favorite Food: French Fries & Steak (Medium Well) 
//  Favorite Movie: The Notebook

//  Favorite Hobby: Listening to Music

//  Favorite Read: "MY VOICE" by Angie Martinez

//  Favorite Sport: Basketball

//  Favorite Collectors: SNEAKERS! 

//  Favorite Genre. of Music: R&B, House, Rap





Kiara S. Green a.k.a Ambi G is an artist in all forms of creativity and a self-made entrepreneur. Born and raised in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn, New York, she’s always been a student of life and inspired to follow the footsteps of some of the best to ever do it. Creating her own blueprint along the way, she is the CEO of her company ForeverAmbiG Entertainment.

As a mom, a DJ, an on-air personality, a director, an editor, a journalist, and now an author, she is fearless to change and raising the bar. Passionate about her love for music, media, and entertainment, Kiara earned her degree in Broadcast Production from North Carolina A&T in 2013.

Intentional with all of her work, Kiara knows and illuminates the importance of connecting with her audience whether it’s through music, writing, or speaking. Using her willingness to share her story through poetry, she opens up about her grievance, relationships, love, self empowerment, daily motivation, and good times. Reminding all her readers that we’ve made it this far because long before we could even pray for ourselves, somebody prayed for us. And that somebody for her was her Grandmother.

Planning to reach higher pinnacles, this is only the beginning of Kiara’s journey. Writing has always been an expressive outlet and this will definitely be the first of many for her. She named her company ForeverAmbiG Entertainment because she plans to create work that will last forever, leaving a legacy behind in the future where its longevity is undeniable.

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